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Placed an order for 10 baseball caps and approved the embroidery artwork on Jan 4th 2012. Needed the hats by Jan 30.

Was assured there was plenty of time to get the work done and the hats shipped well before that date. Jan 19th my order was still in 'production status'... per customer service they were "Closed for Inventory". Jan 25fth customer service assured me the caps were done and would be shipped on friday the 27th.

On Monday the 30th UPS tracking indicated the item had not yet reached UPS for shipment... Lids Customer service assured me the parcel had been delivered to UPS that day. ACTUAL ARRIVAL AT UPS: Wednesday February 1 !! Delivery scheduled for end of day friday Feb 3 ...

WAY TOO LATE for our fundraiser.

I will NEVER use Lids.com again. They are AMAZINGLY INCOMPETANT !!!!

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Simply put... We are a prominent ad agency in the US and we had the same experience you did.

We had a big TV shoot for a big global client, LIDS has failed us due to exhausted efforts to assure these hats would be on time by the time the cameras roll. Definitely the worst vendor I have ever worked for. Lesson learned.

Do not use LIDs... Ever.


Just tried getting my initials on a hat. TWO letters, and they couldn't get it right.

Stitching looked awful.

Will not get custom embroidery from a Lids location ever again. Waste of money.


You're incompetent at spelling incompetent


Worst ever... ordered hats for x-mas.

We ordered them on Dec 6th. Its now the 17th and they are still giving us the run around.


Terrible service, half my online order didn't show up at pick up. Their only response was sorry, we didn't have the hat in stock.

Would've been nice to have a heads up.... :?


I would not order custom items from LIDS. Despite the fact that I specifically explained what I wanted the hats did not come as requested.

Now they are unwilling to refund for their mistake.

It is not their policy to contact customers if LIDS is unable to fulfill specific requests. Do not order custom items from LIDS


I used to work as a manager at a Lids. The company who is owned by: Genesco, has terrible customer service.

And for the most part the employees at their stores suck too. The reason your hats weren't embroidered on time is because they didn't do them. They put the order off and then fed you a bunch of excuses to try and "cover" their a**es. They are also infamous for sending the wrong hats and wrong sizes to their customers.

They also often screw up embroidery orders but ship them out anyway. The only reason I worked there was I needed the money. I wouldn't recommend using their website at all. Some of their stores like the one I was at does in-store embroidery.

If you can find one that's the only way I would recommend it because you are at least there to check the work.

Genesco also owns Journey's... just something to keep in mind.


Ordered Tampa Bay Rays hat and they sent a Red Sox hat. As I said-NEVER AGAIN!!!


The SAME thing happened to me.... I ordered $300 worth of Superbowl product on Tuesday, February 2nd, with expedited shipping to ensure it arrived before Sunday.

I received confirmation & everything... then, on Friday, I receive nothing & come to find out that nothing ever shipped! Customer service couldn't have cared less. I asked them to ship it FedEx Saturday Overnight...

they couldn't (wouldn't) do it. I offered to give them MY FedEx account number to use & ship it... they wouldn't do it. I asked to have a friend come to their location so he could pick it up & ship it to me himself...

wouldn't do it. There was NOTHING they were willing to do, yet they kept ensuring me it'd arrive early next week. What good is that, if it arrives AFTER Superbowl? This was for a Superbowl party...

I'm having 30 people over & now my plans are ruined! Finally, after dealing w/ customer service for god knows how long, the lady finally came back & said they're going to expedite it to arrive on Saturday. Did anything ever arrive? NO.

Did they ever even ship it? NO.

They are liars & will do anything to get you off the phone, so someone else can deal with you later. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

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